John Griffiths

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

I am John Griffiths, the founder of Verus Property Investments. It falls to me to provide overall governance and strategy for our enterprise to successfully progress its vision.

That vision, is one close to my own, and that is the enrichment of individuals. I wish to see people realise their untapped potential, and to restore faith in their abilities to strive successfully towards their aspirations.

It may come as no surprise that my interest and activities lay in philosophy, psychology, politics, business and investing. This is where I cultivate the knowledge and experience needed to strategically develop the business, and to enable individuals to achieve their ambitions.

The honour of being able to support you on the way to achieving your vision fills me with joy and privilege. Together, we may better break the arbitrary limitations, like our income, that we find placed upon ourselves, so that we may take better into our hands the trajectory of our lives.

“Remember, it is not our circumstances that define us, rather it is our perceptions of them.” – John Griffiths, Founder, Philosopher, and Investor.