"Owning a home is a keystone of wealth…both financial affluence and emotional security, Quote 2, Quote 3, Quote 4"


Our pledge to our clients is to serve them in their journey to financial freedom; to enable an enriching quality of life. This is our duty to you. Our service, and all that we do, is for the sole purpose of enabling you to manifest your vision. It is our duty that holds us accountable. It is through our partnership with our clients that we may also achieve our vision.

If we fall astray of our duty then we will seek all appropriate remedies to ensure client fulfillment, and to mitigate our flaws so that our service remains “True to our Duty.”


  • Are you lacking in the confidence, and knowledge to confidently progress your investment aspirations?
  • Do you find you lack the time to complete comprehensive due diligence of investments as well as to view and secure them?
  • Would you prefer a service that is focused not on the sale of stock, but the development and delivery of a service built specifically for you in mind? 

We have cultivated the drive and processes required to source and deliver your ideal investments in a timely fashion. Our service is developed to reduce your own invested time.


The innovative processes Verus Property Investments uses are built to provide confidence in your investment decisions via digestible investment surveys that provide context, and the receipt of our consultancy explore potentialities.


We place you, our client, at the heart of our enterprise. It is our duty to build our clients up and to progress their vision. With this in mind, our properties are selected not to simply sell, but for the development of our clients.

We have the drive & expertise to source & deliver your ideal property investment in a timely fashion.

The team at Verus Property Investments will support you with our expertise in understanding the investment landscape so that you may make an informed decision.

Verus Property Investments pride ourselves on our holistic & contextual reporting of potential property investments. In essence, we give you a clear picture.