About Us

We're Passionate
About YOUR Success!

We place you, our client, at the heart of our enterprise.

Our duty lies not in the sale of the stock,
but in the successful delivery of our investment service.

Our success is found within you.

The Vision

The vision that the founders of Verus Property Investments have is of a world where individuals are no longer Limited. 

Instead, the world is a place where individuals are able to realise their potential, and dreams - living life on their own terms.

Our aim is to bring the power of financial and investment knowledge to all.

We will see investing made more widely accessible.

True to our Duty

Principle: Enrichment

Vision, Awareness, Initiative

At our core is a need for enrichment, of ourselves, each other, and our clients, so that we may achieve their vision, and of course ours.

This relies on three pillars, the vision to identify opportunities, awareness of the risks, and the initiative to act upon them.

We are committed to continual enrichment and development.

Principle: Precision

Clarity, Direction, Integrity

Central to our belief is the duty to be precise in our conduct, figures and communication.

Clarity of mind, market, and intention. Without integrity, we would lack the strength needed to achieve your and our aim.

Meet the Team

The Founders

John Griffiths


As the founder of Verus Property Investments my key responsibility is to strategise and scale this humble enterprise into one that may achieve the grand vision that we have.

One where individuals are no longer constrained by their circumstances, and more specifically earning potential.

Fortunately our efforts have not gone unnoticed as we have recently been one of a handful of nominees for "The Entrepreneur of the Year."

My interests other than growing my portfolio lays in philosophy, psychology, politics, and funny enough both business and investing.

The personal ambition of mine is to remind individuals of their boundless potential and that of the world, and to inspire within them the belief that they may realise their fullest potential and ambitions.

I look forward to the opportunity to support you on your journey towards the realisation of your vision.

"Remember, it is not our circumstances that define us, rather it is our perceptions of them."




Good day!

I am Joel Pickett, Co-Founder of Verus Property Investments.

Although it took me some time to find my way, I found it through having a passion for achievement & striving for fulfilment.

Now, I use the skills I have developed to provide an enriching service; a service that creates my duty, a duty to others & to myself.

Thus we at Verus, stay true to our duty.


Marketing & Administration



Hello everyone!

My name is Leanne Lowe, I am the Marketing Maestro for Verus Property Investments.

My role is highly dynamic, however, my key responsibility is strategising and subsequent implementation, with a focus on smooth design.

Overall, I aim to ensure that behind the scenes operation of the company is as trouble-free as possible for the Founders; in order to achieve our goals, and for the long-term growth of the company.

I have a vast interest in Psychology, as well as a degree in the field. This interest developed from my internal drive to help people to live an enriched life, in which they aren’t controlled by their circumstances or issues.

I look forward to the continued development of Verus Property Investments whilst we strive towards our ambitions and the realisation of our client’s vision.





I am Rachel Nabatanzi, Business administrator of Verus Property Investments.

Administration is in many ways the heartbeat of any organisation. For myself, the focus is to ensure the business operations are orchestrated in such a manner that our efforts are compounded upon each other, and on the whole. This enables our small and flexible team to generate a much greater impact than what would be expected.

I take delight in working outside my comfort zone, this is the reason I chose to change my occupation from healthcare to real estate. Since joining Verus the part that has been most fulfilling is knowing that we are helping people in enriching their lives.

My approach to life is largely inspired by making advancements not excuses, which you will find reflected in the way I work, helping my team achieve it’s aspirations.

“The future depends on what we do in the present” – Mahatma Gandhi


Approved Code Trading Standards UK
Coventry & Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce
The Property Ombudsman
Partners of FX Primus
Proud BNI Member

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